Cyber Security Audit

Why is this important?

This can be your worst nightmare. Waking up to an email saying that User data has been exposed to a hacker and having to tell your community about the breach. Let's make sure you and your User's information is protected to the greatest extent possible with running the proper tests and setting up the correct procedures.

Partnership Requirements

There are some businesses or institutions that will require a certain level of security verification before you can do business with them. A Penetration Test is likely required for you to obtain insurance for your community.

Losing The Trust of Your Community

The last thing you want to happen or can afford to happen is a security breach or sensitive data leak. Let's protect your Marketplace against that by having a Security Audit before launch.

Security Education

Now, for most Non-Technical Founders, security is an afterthought, but we should at least become educated on the subject to understand how critical it can be.


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