Design Thinking Sprint

Why is this important?

Using design thinking as our methodology, we grow and expand your ideas by empathizing with your ideal user and testing it against real-world challenges. Leveraging The Design Thinking Methodology, we can determine exactly what your target personas what in your Marketplace. There are many advantages to iterating at the design level instead of what most startups do, iterate in the code. You will be able to save time, money, and your future team will thank you for less technical debt from legacy code.

Steps 1 Through 5

Empathize – with your users, Define – your users’ needs, their problem, and your insights, Ideate – by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions, Prototype – to start creating solutions, Validate – solutions

Don't Build Features, Solve Problems

By starting with Design Thinking, you can ensure that you're getting to the root of your User's problems and not just developing needless features.

Save Time, Money, & Technical Debt

Investigating the real needs & problems of your target Users and building it into the very foundation of your Marketplace will allow you to save time, money, and have less technical debt in the future.


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