Frontend Development

Why is this important?

It is that time. It is time to select coding your UI for your Marketplace Platform and there isn't a more exciting time for your company. Do you have the proper processes in place for streamlined development and optimized for top velocity? We've been there, and tried many ways to find the perfect strategy to write code with a large collaborative team.

Happy Dev, Happy Life

The time has come to start coding! Let's make sure that we are putting in the proper and proven processes in place to ensure the Dev Team only pushes high-quality code to production.

Prototype to Code

Any seasoned Founder knows that they can easily be distinguishable differences between the prototype and the coded UI. Making sure the Frontend has everything they need to be successful is very important.

Follow The Speed Limit

Pressuring a Developer to "speed it up" will only do harm. The more stressed out they are, the more bugs will result from it. It is important to keep a healthy deadline to make sure the team is successful.


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