Frontend Framework Selection

Why is this important?

Are you selecting the right language and framework for your Marketplace? Are you double-checking that the one you've selected is compatible with Google and other search engines for SEO? What about the file size of Frontend components on your Home page slowing your load-time? We can help with that.

Business Goals

Some frameworks are better than others for accomplishing certain business goals. Are you just building an MVP/MLP or are you going to build the entire Marketplace Platform?

SEO Implications

Some languages & frameworks are better for certain search engines than others. Think of what engine your target Users are most likely going to use to help make the best-informed decision.

Hiring Pool or Development Community

This is a critical piece of information that a lot of companies miss. They choose a new language that has a relatively small dev community, therefore, a smaller hiring pool which will cause issues when you're ready to scale your team.


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