Integration and Partnership Proposals

Why is this important?

Are you asking yourself what tools or platforms should be in your tech stack? Marketplace Studio offers a unique opportunity for third-party partnerships with a network of integration specialists at a range of discounts and value. We can pair you with the best option based on security, reputation, Privacy & Cookie Policies, and get you access to personalized demos, so you can be sure you made the right choice. Everything from Segment, for data aggregation to Trulioo, for ID verification.

Technology Partners

There are many options available for you to use, some proven and some are not. We have relationships with all of the best suppliers to offer a quick sales process at a discount.

Integration ROI

Are you thinking of when you will see an ROI from integrating into a new supplier? We can model based on your business plan projections and past traffic to find exactly when you'll be in the positive.

Pain Points You're Solving

By reading a supplier's API documentation, you can understand exactly how a supplier's service will solve your pain points or your users.


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