Interactive Prototypes

Why is this important?

What if you could have a Minimum Lovable Product to validate with your Users without having to write any code? This is the idea behind creating an interactive prototype using Figma at the end of a Design Sprint! Prototyping is a key component of the development process that helps bring your project to life while still leaving space for refinement to fit your vision and needs. Marketplace Studio takes a unique approach to prototypes through the process of Design Thinking, where we challenge UI/UX to create a project that your Users will love.

Validate & Iterate in Design

We can develop amazing interactive design prototypes during a Design Thinking Sprint to ensure we are going to code your MLP the right way from the start.

Faster & Cheaper Than Coding

Just think about it, the reality is that you will pay a UX Designer less than a Frontend & Backend Developer to code your MLP. It is much easier and faster for the UX Designer to change the interactive prototype in Figman than a Dev to go deep in the code which may result in bugs down the road.

Get to Investment Faster

By using the interactive prototype to showcase your main marketplace workflows, you can put it on display for investors so they understand why they are funding your Marketplace.


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