Marketplace Branding Development

Why is this important?

The Brand of your Marketplace is critical to your success. What archetype(s) does your Brand fit into? What color pallet resonates best with your target audience? How do you convey Trust & Safety through the colors & fonts you choose? Marketplace Studio experts will help with it all like a complete Design system guide, branding color pallet, and three logo options, anything you need.

Brand Archetypes Profile

The most loved brands connect with their target personas on a deeper level than most brands and those with an authentic brand purpose often capture hearts.

Colour Palette Psychology

Colour psychology is the study of how colours affect perceptions and behaviours. In marketing and branding, colour psychology is focused on how colours impact a User's impressions of a brand and whether or not they persuade Users to consider specific brands or make a purchase.

Define Brand Values

A crucial step in branding is positioning the Marketplace. What is its mission statement? What are the Business Values? What does the brand stand for? What is the purpose of the marketplace and how will it affect the world?


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