QA Automated Testing

Why is this important?

QA Automation is something to focus on once you've moved out of the MVP phase and have settled on a Platform version both you and your Users are loving! This is so you won't waste any time writing automation tests for a feature that is going to be re-written in two month' time.

10 Minutes Now For 1 Hour Later

Having the Dev or QA Team write automation tests during the second phase of development will be more valuable than words can explain. Leveraging those tests down the road will save a tremendous amount of time.

Timing is Everything

Implementing Automation Testing has everything to do with timing. Do not waste your time writing tests for workflows that will be changed next month if you've coded and released an MVP to obtain feedback.

Faster Time to Production

Manual QA is expensive in terms of time. Automation will immensely speed up the time a feature needs to be tested before release.


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