QA Manual Testing

Why is this important?

There might be no other role that is more important than a QA. This is because they are the last line of defence between the new code pushed to production and the Users. They are responsible for picking up on what everyone else missed to ensure the best possible UX for the User.

Last Line of Defence

A Manual QA Professional is only there to ensure that the Devs have properly performed their code reviews and pull requests to only be pushing out high-quality code.

Comparing To The Prototype

A Manual QA can use all of the tools to ensure that the UI is built to spec and what was originally prototyped. The Design Spec, User Stories, and Business Requirement doc will give the QA everything they need to be successful.

Using a Checklist

By using a Checklist for QA efforts, it helps to make sure that nothing gets missed, and if something does, then add it to the list so it doesn't happen again.


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