Target User Research

Why is this important?

We will develop User Personas for your Marketplace to clearly define who you should be targeting to build Supply and generate demand. The research compiles the foundation of any development project. User research dives into our target customers, the problems they face, and how to provide the best possible solutions. This takes SEO rankings, feature comparison, SWOT analysis, target market research, and social media analysis into consideration. Marketplace Studio hosts a team of specialists that know how to look and find all of this data for you.

Top Persona Profiles

We will use proven methods to create profiles for your target market and use them through the development of your Marketplace.

Market Size of Audiences

We will dig deep into the size of the market you're targeting for each persona.

Target Audience Foundation

We will figure out exactly what demographics you'll need to target for your marketing plan to build Supply & Demand.


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