UX Testing and Validation

Why is this important?

By using the prototype, we will be able to find real people to test the designs against to ensure you have the ideal UX for your target personas. This is why we aren't building you an MVP, but instead an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product). We validate our findings against real people and potential clients, so we can find solutions to every challenge the product may face. This will construct the roadmap to develop the high-fidelity prototype into a reality with quality assurance specialists every step of the way.

UX Heuristics

Let's make sure that your Marketplace gives a professional first impression by following the classic heuristics.

Validating Before Coding

It is far more important to validate a new workflow with real people before coding it. This is for many reasons that include saving time and money.

Leveraging Your Community

If you're at the stage where you've built up a community of your Users, take advantage and talk to them! See what they think of the new and improved version of X feature.


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