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Marketplace Studio offers you start to finish custom marketplace development. Skip the generalists and let us manage your project with a curated team of specialists that will take your idea to the next level. We use intricate design thinking to research your idea, its target customers, existing competition, and how to make your particular idea stick out. Once we are an expert through research, we can begin development, and user testing on a low-fidelity prototype. Low-fidelity will show you what the final product will look like without needing the investment of time and money into a full developmental process. With this, we can see and test the product with real life users to customize the experience to fit their needs. When this is complete, we develop a high-fidelity final product that you can start sharing with the world. You don’t need to approach Marketplace Studio with a wealth of experience or knowledge in the market you’re looking to penetrate because we do that for you.


6 to 12 Months

Number of Freelancer Partners

5 to 8

Phase of Development

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