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Working with Marketplace Studio you have nothing to worry about when the job is done. When your curated team of development specialists complete a project or statement of work (SOW), you remain the sole owner of the results. However, we know that maintaining your marketplace can be difficult and expensive. That is why we will offer long-term operational support and maintenance to keep your marketplace operating smoothly at all times to the best of our ability. How it works is we keep a record of SOW for your project so when you need support or maintenance we can easily assign the job to a specialist to get done. Our records are clean and organized, so there will be no delay in assessing your marketplace, and you won't have to rely on the same specialist every time. Marketplace Studio's long-term optional support and maintenance will give you the comfort you need after you get you receive the final result of your marketplace.


1 Week to The Life of Your Company

Number of Freelancer Partners

1 to 8

Phase of Development

Post-Release to Production

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