Low & High Fidelity Prototyping

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Prototyping is a key component of the development process that helps bring your project to life while still leaving space for refinement to fit your vision and needs. Marketplace Studio takes a unique approach to prototypes through the process of Design Thinking, where we challenge UI/UX to create a project that your Users will love. We start by evaluating the needs of your customers and designing the look, feel, and functionality of different parts of your product. Through this, we can see and test what the final project will be like without investing the money and time it takes to develop a full functional high-fidelity prototype. So, when we make changes, it only impacts the design team and doesn't ripple through the entirety of the development process. When we get the low-fidelity prototype where we are sure customers will be pleased with the complete interface, we can begin development for the final and high-fidelity mock that will function just like the real thing.


2 to 4 Weeks (Per Sprint)

Number of Freelancer Partners

3 to 4

Phase of Development


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