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Marketplace Studio provides Software as a Service (SaaS) development for your next business idea. Through design thinking we will identify your key users and competition to cross analyze what your platform needs to stand out. We then analyze each step of the user journey to develop it in a way that’s both appealing and user-friendly to your customer. With low-fidelity prototypes, we can show you what the final product will look like without investing the time and money into a fully functional mock, so any changes you want made won't cost you developer time. We will also test this mock against real life users to see their opinion of the prototype, what they enjoy, and what could be fixed, so everything is customized to their needs. Marketplace Studio will bring everything we have collected and refine your low-fidelity prototype into a functional SaaS platform for your Users. This development will combine the use of your SaaS website, possible apps, and integrations to create the best result.


6 to 12 Months

Number of Freelancer Partners

5 to 8

Phase of Development

Ready to Start Coding

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