User And Competitive Research

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The research compiles the foundation of any development project and Marketplace Studio takes this step very seriously. User research dives into our target customers, the problems they face, and how to provide the best possible solutions. First we identify your customer, their age range, beliefs, personality type, and consumer habits, pet peeves, and preferences, so we can build a brand that appeals best to them. Then we search for the problems they face that your business provides a solution to and how best to present this solution to them. Next, competitive research looks into who your competition is across your range of services. We look into what the competition does well, like presentation, messaging, customer journey and actual provided service and then identify how we can do better. Marketplace Studio hosts a team of specialists that know how to look and find all of this data for you and store it in an organized report, so you can always refer to it down the road to determine marketing efforts or marketplace developments.


1 to 3 Weeks

Number of Freelancer Partners

1 to 2

Phase of Development


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