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Designing a marketplace online platform with the correct personas in mind is not an easy task and is easier said than done. Iterating & Prototyping at the design level is critical to the success of your marketplace. Just compare the cost of effort and time of a designer to a developer. 



Brand Personas

Deciding whom you're designing for is an important first question when starting to build your online marketplace. This decides the tone, colors, and styles of the user interface that will encourage frequent use.


Design System

The Design System will allow for faster frontend development and fewer questions because the user interface is standardized and then we can use component-driven development.


Interactive Prototypes

You're able to leverage these polished & high-fidelity prototypes to raise investment, begin marketplace, user test, and tell your story. They are the most important part of the design process.


Brand Evolution

Accepting that your Brand will evolve based on the outcomes of validating your hypotheses through Design Thinking will set your marketplace free and leave more room for adoption and higher conversions.


Marketplace UX x2

We will always keep in mind that we are building for at least 2 personas for every feature, demand & supply of your marketplace. This adds more time but fewer headaches and surprises.


Design Validation

Prototyping & iterating at the design stage is far more valuable than can be explained. This is done by validating every detail with potential Users before it is transferred into User Stories and then in development.

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