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Marketplace Studio Privacy Policy


This document outlines the Privacy Policy, herein referred to as “Policy” of Marketplace Studio and of its affiliates collectively known as “we”, “us”, “the Platform”, or ‘our”. This Policy describes how We use and store your information to conduct our services on The Platform. The Platform is available online at for desktop and mobile devices to access. This Policy is related to our Terms & Conditions, found here. Upon creating an account on The Platform, or using our Services in any way, you are agreeing to and acknowledging that you have read the following Policy and in addition our Terms & Conditions. 


  1. Personal Information


1.1 Creating an Account


When you create an account on the Platform, you agree for your information to be passed through a secure API to our third-party technology suppliers. By creating an account you are also agreeing to our third-party technology supplier’s Terms & Conditions or Terms of Service. We may pass your information such as;

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Business Name

  • Business Registration Number

  • Residence Address

  • Business Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address


We reserve the right to deny you access to create an account on the Platform if your information results in a failed or unfavorable verification, a high-risk score, or poor-risk signals. 


Once you have successfully been authorized to create an account on the Platform, you will be asked to complete your account details by providing the following information, but is not limited to:

  • Profile Picture

  • Entity or Agency Logo

  • Entity or Agency Name

  • Profile Description

  • Professional Skills

  • Personal Interests

  • Social Media Connections

  • Professional Portfolio

  • Endorsements

  • Certifications & Education


You will agree and acknowledge that the information provided to complete your account details is factual and true to the best of your knowledge. 


1.2 Account Eligibility


Marketplace Studio reserves the right to deny access to any individual, agency, entity, or group. If We discover poor behavior on or off the Platform, we can deny you access to your account or deny you access to create and complete an account. If You go against Marketplace Studio’s Community Standards or harm another Client or Partner, your account will be suspended pending an investigation. If the investigation results deem that your actions were intentional, your account will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to export any of your information held on the Platform. The Platform is an inclusive & safe community for all Clients and Partners. The actions of either a Client, Partner are not approved, nor the points of view of a Client or Partner reflect those of Marketplace Studio unless it is provided in an official statement in writing with a Marketplace Studio letterhead or signature. 


1.3 Minors Creating an Account


Minors who are under the year of 18-years-old are not entitled to create an account on The Platform for legal purposes. You must be 18 years of age or above to create an account with Marketplace Studio as a Partner or as a Client. In the event that a minor does successfully create an account, you agree and acknowledge that your parent or legal guardian has provided explicit consent to perform such action. 


1.4 Storing and Transferring Information


We store all personal information in a secure and confidential database that is only accessible by approved employees of Marketplace Studio. A designated employee or verified Partner of Marketplace Studio may export your data in a secure manner to analyze or review the data after which time the data will be destroyed. 


In the event that We must transfer your Personal Information to another system or database, you will be notified by email of such an event. If you wish to remain anonymous or private, you will have to request your information be deleted before such an event occurs. 


1.5 Governing Law


Marketplace Studio is a registered entity of the province of Ontario, Canada. Any and all claims, lawsuits, investigations must follow and comply with Ontario local laws. No choice of laws rules of any jurisdiction shall apply to this Agreement. The courts of the Province of Ontario located in Ottawa shall have jurisdiction over any legal action or proceeding arising out of or relating to these Terms. You as the User waive all rights that you may have or that may hereafter arise to contest such jurisdiction of such courts. The parties waive any right to a jury trial with respect to any action brought in connection herewith. 


2. Use of Personal Information


2.1 Classification of Personal Information


Personal Information provided by you to Us is described below, but is not limited to:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Account Password

  • Profile Picture

  • Business Registration Number

  • Credit Card & Payout Information

  • Marketing Notification Preferences

  • User-Generated Content by You (Described Below)

  • Electronic Signature

  • IP Address (Described Below)

  • Cookie Information (Described Below)

  • Geo-Location (Permanent & Temporary)


2.2 Use of Personal Information


We may use the information provided to us to perform the following actions, but are not limited to:

  • Fulfill a request made by you or an associated account holder

  • Confirm an SOW

  • Send you SOW related information

  • Verify your account information

  • Respond to a customer request

  • Send you marketing materials by email, push notifications, SMS, or call

  • Perform contests or promotions

  • Improve our Services & The Platform

  • Analyze, track and review data

  • Enforce our Terms & Conditions

  • Display personalized information or content

  • Perform secure API calls to our Technology Service Providers

  • Perform Billing or Payout related actions

  • To perform and carry out the services described in this Policy and our Terms & Conditions

  • Distribute or Promote your generated content online


2.3 Cookie Information


The use of a cookie or cookies on Marketplace Studio is vital to a personalized experience on the Platform. A cookie is a kind of technology that is used to install or receive small amounts of information related to our device. You at any time have the right to or control to delete or opt-out of our cookie tracking on the website. 


2.4 Internet Protocol (IP) Address Information


The purpose of collecting your IP address is to fulfill the needs of our security systems on the website and also provide you with a personalized experience. The IP address may be of your own device or of your Internet Service Provider. Marketplace Studio reserves the right to control the country of origin of an IP address to have access to the website or the Platform. 


2.5 Permanent or Temporary GEO-Location


We may use a permanent or temporary geo-location of you and/or your device(s) to provide you with a secure connection and allow you to have a personalized experience on the Platform. You must opt-in and allow your device to provide Us with such information to provide this user experience. Similar to an IP address, we do have the right to control the country of origin of the signal to continuously provide a safe and secure experience for our Users. 


3. User and Account Consent


3.1 Visitor, User, Account Owner Consent


The above information is collected and stored in accordance with this agreement and Policy related to the parent document, our Terms & Conditions. This section will describe the act of your implied, or explicit consent for Us to use the information. 


Implied Consent:

In some events, we will ask you to allow our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. These actions may include but are not limited to, clicking a box in Our user-interface to acknowledge your agreement to our Terms & Conditions. 


Explicit Consent:

In some events, We will ask you for explicit consent to allow our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. By providing Us with a part of your personal information to fulfill a request, you have consented to and granted us permission to use your information to perform our duties to complete that request. These actions may include but are not limited to providing us with your address to create an account for us to verify your identity. 


Opting-Out of Consent:


You may at any time request to opt-out of these events and for us to destroy your account, personally identifiable information, or any other data collected from your actions interacting with The Platform. Marketplace Studio will provide you with a method to personalize the collection of data to the best of our ability at the time. In such an event, you will be notified once the actions are completed to remove any personal information, but will allow Us 7 (seven) days to complete such request. You may also opt-out of certain kinds of communications from Us, such as marketing emails in accordance with Canadian anti-spam laws. However, some forms of communications from Us are absolutely necessary to the performance of the Platform. 


4. Information Sent to Technology Service Providers


4.1 Use of The Platform


By creating an account on the Platform or engaging with Us or the website, you are agreeing to and acknowledging that you have read and understood the following terms of this Policy set above and herein. 


Marketplace Studio leverages technology from different third-party partners, in the form of secure Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By using a part of our Services on the Platform, you may be engaging with a secure third-party API. 


4.2 Disclosure to Sharing Your Information


There are some APIs that We leverage on the Platform that will request Us to send our Technology Service Provider (TSP) information that has been collected from your device or by you entering information or data into the user-interface on the Platform. 


You are agreeing to provide us your consent to pass this information or data to the TSP to provide you with the Services of our Platform. By agreeing to this Policy, you are in accordance agreeing to our TSP Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions and any and all related Policies. In the event you wish to read and review these agreements of our TSP, please contact us. Our TSPs are held confidential and private to the public and we will only disclose them to individuals, agencies, or entities that hold a completed account on the Platform. 


4.3 Technology Service Providers Processors


Some of Our Technology Service Providers are data processors “Processors” such as, but not limited to, payment processors, website hosting providers, and identity verification providers. These TSP are only authorized to process and collect information to the extent of fulfilling their service or request. We have specifically selected TSP who are recognized for their best-practice methods and have the highest reputations for privacy and protection of data. Our TSPs are held confidential and private to the public and we will only disclose them to individuals, agencies, or entities that hold a completed account on the Platform. 


4.4 Not Selling Your Personal Information


Marketplace Studio agrees to uphold Section 4.3 at all times and will never sell your personal information to any third-party individual, agency, or entity. Any of the information provided to Us will be held private and confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law and our ability to. 


5. Disclosure of Information


5.1 Disclosing Information to Law Enforcement Agencies


At a point in time, We may be requested by law enforcement agencies to provide them with un-anonymized information of our Users in plain-form of how it was collected. In such an event, you will have written notice by the form of email that we are releasing information to a law enforcement agency. Marketplace Studio reserves the right to only comply with a written and signed subpoena. 


5.2 Third-Party Content Links


We may have third-party links on our Platform or Blog that direct you off of our Platform and onto another website. In such an event, you may be asked to provide consent of their Privacy or Cookie Policies. You are solely responsible for reading and understanding the policies, agreements, and terms of these third-party websites. 


5.3 Platform Reviews


The Platform has a review system in place that you may engage with once an SOW (Statement of Work) has come to a resolution. Once a review has been completed and submitted through our user-interface or collected by email, you agree to this Policy and our ability to publicly publish that review in any form We see fit. Publishing the review may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Initial

  • Business Name

  • City, State/Province, or Country

  • Review Content

  • Profile Picture


6. Security of Personal Information


6.1 Technologies Used


We are a Canadian-based company and are required by law to uphold a high standard of security for your information. We protect your personal information to the best of our ability at the time. When you are entering extremely sensitive information into our user-interface, we will go to high-level security by adding Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) encryption and pass it to our TSPs using a secure API. Any and all Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted when stored on our servers. Our Hosting and Servers are through Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


6.2 Manual Review of Information


At any time, We reserve the right to export your information to review, track or analyze your information in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, and this Policy. When possible, your information will be anonymized, hashed, or converted to protect your information. Once the action of reviewing, analyzing, or tracking has been completed, the informational export will be deleted from the employee’s or Verified Partner’s device and Cloud system. 


Extremely sensitive information such as credit card or billing information will not and can not be exported in a readable form of its original values for your protection. 


6.3 Request to Access Information


At any point in time, you have the right to request access to the information we have collected from or by you. This request must be performed in writing and give Us 7 (Seven) days' notice to compile the information. We reserve the right to ask or perform a verification test to ensure the authenticity of the requested information source. 


6.4 The Right to be Forgotten


As stated above, Marketplace Studio is a Canadian company, and we comply with all Canadian Privacy laws, however, we do acknowledge the Right to be Forgotten. At any time, you as the account owner, or visitor have the right for Us to delete any and all information related to your account. In such an event, you will grant Us the ability to confirm and verify the source of the request, as well as 7 (seven) days to perform the request. Once our duties have been completed, we will provide you with written notice to the email or mailing address of the source of the request. 


7. Updates or Modifications to This Policy


We may update or modify this Policy at any point in time to meet the current needs of Marketplace Studio. Please refer to the Publication Date for the most up-to-date version of this Policy. If there are any major updates or modifications made, all Users will be notified in the form of an email with relation to the email on your account. In such an event, we will allow for 7 (seven) days before the updated version of this Policy comes into effect. You reserve the right to remove your information or discontinue interacting with the Platform if you do not comply with or disagree with the updated version of this Policy. Your continued engagement with the Platform will act as your agreement and acknowledgment that you have read and understood the updated version. 


8. Contact Information


Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Policy or the related Terms & Conditions.


Marketplace Studio

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