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MarketPlace Studio is Design Thinking and Software Development company that builds and supports selected marketplace opportunities. 

We only focus on opportunities with a founder or founders with solid domain knowledge, open to design thinking, and the potential to build a scale a marketplace. 

Our client support process includes investment mentorship and guidance regarding fundraising from Angels, Strategic Partners, and VCs. 

Please let us know if you would like added to our Marketplace Investor Opportunity recommendation list. 

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Investment Mentoring

Investment mentoring for a marketplace startup can help the company navigate the complex world of fundraising and investors. A mentor can provide guidance on creating a compelling pitch, identifying potential investors, and negotiating terms. 


VC Fundraising

VC fundraising can be a competitive process, as VC firms receive many pitches from startups every day. It's important to be prepared to answer tough questions and to be able to provide detailed financial projections and a clear exit strategy or the right partnerships.


Strategic Partnerships

Network and connections: Strategic investors often have a wide network of contacts, including other investors, industry experts and potential partners. We can help your startup connect with valuable resources and opportunities. Some strategic investors may provide operational support, such as access to their management team, technology or other operational resources that can help the marketplace startup to scale


Pitch Deck Design

A pitch deck is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital and bring their marketplace to the market. It helps them to clearly communicate their vision, strategy, and potential return on investment to potential investors, and it helps the entrepreneur to refine their own thinking.


Angle Fundraising

When angle fundraising, it's important to have a clear and compelling pitch that highlights the unique value proposition of your marketplace and the potential for growth. It's also important to have a clear business plan and financial projections that demonstrate the potential return on investment.


Refining Your Pitch

We will help you get feedback on your pitch, not only from friends and family but also from our team who've raised 10s of millions of dollars in previous startups and marketplaces. We'll explain how to tell your story. The story of how you'll change the world with your marketplace.

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