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Traction Forecasting

Yes, we've been where you sit. Pondering how many thousands of people will use our marketplace in the first year and beyond. Looking at Amazon or the potential market share, I think we'd get at least 5% of the market because we will blow up and become a unicorn within five years. Then we get investment, and they ask what projections we had, and we show them what we conjured based on our best-educated guess. Unfortunately, we got held to those numbers for the first four years, which were missed monthly. There must be a better way.

1. Variables

The entire spreadsheet is driven by your website traffic monthly growth and controlled by conversion variables.

2. Benchmarks

We have already built benchmarks for you based on our tangible experiences building a $20M marketplace.

3. Balanced

We learned that you cannot have overly conservative numbers but also impossible to meet is just as bad. Needs to meet in the middle.

4. Guide

The results in the sheet are simply a guide, and they can be tweaked over time as actual numbers pour in.

5. Flounders

This is designed for educating Flounders (First-time, Non-Technical Founders) who are ready to embark on their maiden voyage.

6. Revision

Ensure you only use the Variables tab to control the sheet and read the readMe tab when you receive your free copy.

7. Presentation

These numbers are meant to help enhance your story when you pitch your Aha Marketplace to people or potential investors.

8. Deliver

As you start your Go-To-Market Strategy, let Marketplace Studio know how much this free template helped your marketplace.


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Journey Mapping

Contact us for a free template to map out the experience your users have in your marketplace.

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