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Marketplace Studio offers its specialized custom marketplace design & development to our clients to create an online multi-vendor platform your new community will love.



Marketplace Requirements

Our Team will work with you on extracting the Business Requirements for your marketplace to guide the rest of the project.


Marketplace Brand & Design Personas

We need to determine whom we are targeting on both the Branding and the Design of the marketplace and keep the personas in mind at all times.


Workflow Technical User Stories

The User Stories are the most critical aspect of this project to get correct. They will set your or our development team up for success and ensure a smooth dev cycle.


Marketplace Business Plan

Based on our experience and research we will come up with an attainable business plan for your marketplace based on the requirements.


Marketplace Design Thinking Sprints

We run a design sprint on every feature working through the 5-steps of prototyping and validating with real and potential Users.


Pre-Development Package Complete

The result of these 5 specialized services will be a package of assets which is everything we need to start developing your marketplace and bring it to life.

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