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What We Offer

Developing & Coding a marketplace from scratch is tough and not to mention expensive. That is why we can leverage our existing component library to modify them to your branding which allows you to start 4 to 6 months ahead of schedule. 



Discover & Evaluate

If you already have something built, we can evaluate it with you and explore the options of continuing with what you have or restarting with our component library. Both options have pros & cons.


Convert Design System

The Design System creates a professional consistency throughout the marketplace platform. We will create one to match your brand and implement it accordingly.


Review Requirements

We need to review and understand your business requirements and what you plan to accomplish with your marketplace platform before we can begin the development process.


Architecture Changes

Even if you're planning on developing an MVP Marketplace, we need to make sure the foundation is solid and your code can handle what we plan to throw at it.


Craft User Stories

Technical User Stories have many uses when created properly, primarily they are used to instruct the development team on what, how, and whom to build it for.


Frontend Modifications

Finally, we can begin modifying your frontend to satisfy the requirements set from the previous services to make sure we develop the next unicorn marketplace.

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