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Audit Service

What We Offer

There are many unanswered questions when it comes to designing, developing, launching, or scaling an online marketplace. It takes proven experience from those who've "seen the movie" to provide their wisdom. The reality is that we can only find out by validating every hypothesis before it is implemented... We can help with that.


Define The Problem

It is important to always ask "why?" while being curious enough to dig deeper to uncover the root cause of the problem you're facing. By taking a pragmatic approach, we are able to do this.


Form a Hypothesis

How might we improve for X for both Y & Z? We can do this by implementing A in B timeframe with C tools. Now that it is defined, it is simply having the variables interchangeable.


Define The Requirements

Product Management 101 is to define the requirements of X. That variable can be many different things, but the constant remains true. Taking a Product approach to this helps guide us correctly.


Leverage Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a 5-step methodology that allows a group to uncover the truest result of a hypothesis. It sounds easy to implement but it takes skill and patience to thoroughly follow it.


Define The Objectives

We need to make sure that all stakeholders involved are clear on the defined objectives for X. By setting goals to work towards accomplishing an objective constructs a clear bridge.


Test, Iterate, and Validate

You need to create a culture for your marketplace that it is okay to hypothesize about a situation as long as you validate it before implementation. Test, Iterate, Validate, and Implement.

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