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Create a Profile of Your Suspected "Power Users"

Power users are often early adopters and influencers within a category. Understanding their characteristics and motivations can help you tailor your marketplace to attract and retain them.

Community Personas

How Can We Automagically Generate Better Search Results?

Improving search results quality enhances user satisfaction and discoverability. Automation can streamline and optimize this process.

SEO Technical Strategy

How Do You See Your Marketplace in 6 to 8 Years?

Having a long-term vision guides your strategic decisions and helps you anticipate future challenges and opportunities. It ensures your marketplace remains relevant and adaptable.

The Marketplace as a Solution (Grand Vision)

How Will Your Marketplace Achieve The 6 to 8 Year Plan?

Planning for the long-term ensures your marketplace remains competitive and relevant. It helps you anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

Product Strategy (Different Than Vision)

If You Build It, They Do NOT Come. How Do You Heard Power Users?

Attracting power users is vital for marketplace success. They can drive adoption and advocacy, enhancing your marketplace's visibility within the category.

Go-To-Market Strategy

If Your Marketplace Was a Human, Who Are They?

Defining your marketplace's personality and identity helps shape its branding and communication style. It makes your platform more relatable and memorable to users.

Company Identity (Brand Kit)

Let's Intentionally Make This Difficult For The Users (Yes, That's Right)

Intentionally adding complexity or friction to specific aspects of your marketplace can have strategic benefits. It can be used to ensure security, compliance, or to encourage users to follow specific processes or rules. Making things intentionally difficult in controlled ways can also differentiate your marketplace and provide a unique user experience.

Adding Intentional Friction

Like Coffee Grinds & Water, What's The Order Other Things Are Needed To Build?

Sequencing development tasks optimally ensures efficient progress. It helps you prioritize and allocate resources effectively.

Linked Dependancies per Epic

Looking At The Current Problem, What Market/Category Does It Fit Into? Post-Launch, What Market/Category Do You Want To Be In?

Categorizing your marketplace clarifies its role within the industry and guides your category design strategy.

Marketplace Category (Market)

Put The Idea to Words, Tell Us How That Workflow Works As If We Were a Dog

Simplifying complex workflows into easily understandable narratives is vital for user comprehension. It ensures that even users with limited technical knowledge can grasp how your marketplace operates.

Workflow (Epics) Requirements

Refine, Iterate, and Refine Your Short Aha Story

Refining your pitch is an ongoing process that ensures your messaging remains effective and relevant as your marketplace evolves.

The Marketplace Solution (Grand Vision)

Seriously, Go Back And Ask Whatever Matches a Power User If This Would Work For Them

Power users' feedback is invaluable for optimizing your marketplace. Their insights can identify potential issues, improvements, or missed opportunities.

Test Again With Suitable Personas

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