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How Marketplace Studio Helped Evolve InsightCo (InsightGig)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Introduction to Marketplace Studio

Marketplace Studio is a custom agency that specializes in designing & coding custom social marketplaces. We methodically use Design Thinking to build prototypes and validate with potential Users before any code is written. This allows us & Client to stay flexible and move quickly.

Introduction to InsightCo (InsightGig)

InsightCo is a Research System to enable ACTIVE INSIGHTS in organizations. The platform will bring agility, project efficiency, and dynamic democracy to an organization’s insight practice.

Package Description

Marketplace Studio is to provide InsightCo with its unique service by performing 8 core duties throughout a 3-month initial project to produce a High-Fidelity Prototype & User Stories. Everything the startup needs to begin developing the correct way.

  1. Product Discovery & Business Requirements

  2. Competition & User Research Documents

  3. Three Design Thinking Sprints on Three Separate Features

  4. Design System

  5. Three Polished Interactive Prototypes

  6. Integration & Partnership Proposals

  7. Design Specification Documents

  8. Technical User Stories

Project Description

Marketplace Studio & originally InsightGig met through working with Sharetribe Flex as we are one of their listed Experts. Vidya & Team was searching for a partner to build their marketplace platform which would enable Insight Experts to create an account and act as a resource for outside companies.

After our initial call with Darren & Steve, they had provided Vidya with an overview of what we offer through our Pre-Development Package being a 3-month initial commitment to design a 3-feature high-fidelity prototype and provide all of the context and information required to begin development.

In our first weeks of the project, the Marketplace Studio Team was asking the right questions resulting in deeper thinking and later a narrower understanding of what InsightGig would become. InsightGig later become known as InsightCo and came along with a whole new business model & launch strategy. Initially beginning as a Marketplace, they decided to pivot to start as a SaaS Platform and add a Marketplace extension after the MVP launch and achieve Product-Market-Fit (PMF).

Based in Tamil Nadu, India, InsightCo and Marketplace Studio Teams were able to work together and collaborate around the timezone difference of nearly 11-hours (thank you, Vidya!). By having 2 weekly Catch-up Meetings, we were able to begin the weeks by stating the plan for the said week and on Thursday review the efforts made to make any required changes for the following day.

During the Design Thinking Phases of the Project, Marketplace Studio’s Team worked hard at understanding the value propositions of the Platform and what exactly each target persona would be going through in order to design a working prototype suiting the different use cases and targeted Users. We were even able to perform proper User Testing during the Design Sprints with each persona type which resulted in a better understanding & overall design.

We are focused on solving problems and achieving outcomes for pragmatic use cases on the Platform to make a cohesive MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The idea of using our different hybrid methodologies is to ensure we do not become the next “feature factory” but rather continue on our mission “to create platforms your community will love.”.


1. What do you think about the service(s) that Marketplace Studio has provided so far?

There is no doubt that what Marketplace Studio provides is a premium service, but their ground-up approach to starting with a design thinking framework is extremely valuable in refining your product idea, adding rich details based on consumer feedback, and defining the feature details from a customer-oriented perspective

2. What are your expectations for what we will be doing for the Pre-Development package (Design Thinking)?

Our Expectation is to be able to use the design thinking steps to create a prototype that truly reflects how the end product will solve a valuable customer problem.

3. What has Marketplace Studio completed so far and what do we plan to do?

Marketplace Studios has helped us question our product assumptions, add rich detail to our feature ideas, and helped us stay customer-focused throughout the design thinking process while staying true to our product vision

4. How would you recommend Marketplace Studio to another startup?

Taking a design thinking approach helps your MVP stay customer-focused right from the start, and Marketplace Studios’ framework and guidance through the design process are invaluable.

Are you looking to evolve your marketplace concept or product? Click the button below to schedule a time.


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