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Marketplace Studio, a Sharetribe Flex Expert

Here at Marketplace Studio, your custom marketplace development company is very pleased to announce that we have officially become a Sharetribe Expert! This means that Marketplace Studio is listed as an Expert on the Sharetribe website and we will be able to partner with more Founders who are looking to build, launch, and scale their marketplace idea leveraging the Flex technology.

Marketplace Studio made the decision to use Sharetribe Flex to build the Bunking social marketplace for like-minded people to share accommodations with. We have also selected the Flex platform to use for our new client, GoalsX, which is a social marketplace to find like-minded people to pursue your passions.

Sharetribe Flex allows you to start your marketplace with a running start by offering you customizable frontend pages and with a headless architecture expand the backend with ease. This allows us to truly focus on providing our Users with the best possible experience on the platforms. Flex gives you a Frontend Web Template and customize the components as needed to fit your business requirements and expand the backend to fit the desired use cases.

Marketplace Studio is able to begin a project with 3 Design Thinking Sprints to set the foundational features based on the Flex templates but modified to match the business needs and verified by real potential Users. From there, Marketplace Studio is able to write the Technical User Stories which is essential for any development, whether it is our Team or another. User Stories are basically a recipe for Developers instructing them on exactly how to build your User Experience. The next steps are to start designing the appropriate Development Team that suits your budget and urgency.

Our clients of 2021, contacted Marketplace Studio when they were just in the conception phase of the business, with only the idea of how they are going to change the world. From there, we determined who we would initially target based on developing a proper hypothesis, performing research, and then validating through Design Thinking. Each company started with a 3-month contract focused solely on Design Thinking Sprints and developing the Technical User Stories with the objective of having everything they needed to begin development and raise investment to pay for said development.

We are looking forward to leveraging Sharetribe Flex for more of our Clients to speed up development and allow us to get to market sooner and at less cost.


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