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What Does it Mean to Join Marketplace Studio as a Freelancer?

Marketplace Studio is a managed marketplace that offers an end-to-end ecosystem that connects creators, makers, and entrepreneurs with a collaborative team of experienced professionals that can help bring their big idea to life. When we receive a project, one of our project managers dives into our database of freelancers to find the perfect people for the job. As a freelancer, you can come to Marketplace Studio to collaborate on our projects, or you can choose to host a project of your own.

How Does it Work?

Signing-up to be part of our freelance database is quick and easy. In order to join our managed marketplace, you simply have to provide us with your contact details, your speciality, and your level or experience. After we receive your information you will be added to our roster of talent which will be referenced every single time we get a project. When our team gets a project that speaks to your area of expertise, we will connect you with one of our project managers to gauge your interest and discuss the scope of the project.

When you join our managed marketplace, you gain access to a whole host of tools that make collaborating and brainstorming a breeze. Not only that but you will also be working alongside like minded individuals that believe in producing quality work for quality clients.

Enjoy the Freedom of Freelancing

Freelancing with Marketplace Studio means setting your own schedule, choosing your own rates, working in your specialized field, and working with clients that you choose to accept. You also won’t have to worry about hunting for your next gig because we find them for you.

What Does it Mean to Host a Project?

Have you ever been asked to take on a new client or project, but the scope is simply too large for one person to handle? Hosting a project on Marketplace Studio allows you to collaborate with experienced freelance specialists so you can take on more work without compromising the quality of the final product. Hosting a project with us gives you the opportunity to hone in on what you’re passionate about. You no longer have to worry about wearing multiple hats because we pair you with freelance specialists that compliment your strengths and fill in where you fall short.

The entire experience is fluid and puts you in control. You can choose your level of involvement with the project and you earn a commission when you host a project whether you’re involved or not. Marketplace Studio is a managed marketplace meaning we only partner with quality talent.

Earn More with Our Affiliate Program

Not only do you gain access to valuable tools and the specialists you need, but you will also earn 10% of the final sale through our affiliate program. You can now earn money for working on the project and earn even more by hosting the project on Marketplace Studio. If you choose not to work on the project you still earn a percentage for hosting.

Join our Community Today

Are you interested in becoming part of our community? Apply to join our managed marketplace of freelance partners and specialists today! Simply provide us with your contact details, your area of expertise, and your level of experience and we will reach out to discuss next steps. Click here to learn more about becoming a freelance partner with Marketplace Studio.


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