We help you create an online marketplace your community will love.

Curated Team

Our experienced Team is able to help you develop your plan to create the next greatest marketplace of 2022.


You own everything that we develop under our marketplace contract as we design and develop your marketplace idea. 

Real-World Expertise

We have real-world experience designing, writing, and coding marketplace platforms. You don't have to learn the hard way. 

Growth Support

After the marketplace is released we offer maintenance, updates, and support whenever you need.



We Will Design & Develop Your
Marketplace Idea.

Marketplace Studio is an End to Start custom development company. You simply tell us where you want your company to be in 1 year's time and we will work backward to get you and your team there. We leverage Design Thinking to build marketplace platforms that your community will love.

Fresh Start

Build your idea from foundation to release. We make your dream project a profitable reality with a curated team of industry experts. 



We can work to rebuild or continue your existing project to help ensure its organization and future success. 



We can take your existing technology and refine its foundation for growth and future success with a curated team of experts. 


Our Process to Create Your Marketplace



We ask "why" and not "what" to get to the root of your idea. Through research, we validate, discover your competitive advantages, and learn about your end user. These key findings will provide the foundation for the next step. 



Using Design Thinking as our methodology, we grow and expand your ideas by empathizing with your ideal user. This allows us to create an innovative prototype to test and validate our findings against real people and potential clients for real-world examples.



Our design team passes the project to the assigned development team who will split the project into sprints. Sprints are one to two-week-long increments to tackle different sections. This will give you a detailed timeline of when your idea will become a reality.



You can decide to manage your completed platform yourself, or we can assist through growth, support, and training. Our goal is for you to be successful, and we provide all the tools and expertise to help you make it happen.

Most Frequent Questions

What about confidentiality and IP ownership?

When you submit a project proposal through our website or any other method of communication, Marketplace Studio is obliged to keep your idea safe & private under a Non-Disclosure & IP Agreement. This agreement essentially says that we will not make any information you tell us public without your written consent.

Where do I start to create my online multi-vendor marketplace?

To get started, it couldn't be easier. Simply fill out our Contact form and we will be in touch to schedule an online call as soon as possible. We know trying to communicate all of the complex areas of your marketplace is difficult over email. Your business deserves a video call.

Should I create an MVP marketplace first and then come to see Marketplace Studio?

You can certainly create a proof-of-concept first before coming to see us! We recommend using Sharetribe Go to prove your model as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Once you have some traction or investment, come back and see us. You can also read to see if our Consulting Services can satisfy your needs.

I have a marketplace idea, what's next?

It is wonderful that you have the next biggest marketplace idea for 2022! We'd love to be a part of it with you in any capacity. Review our core Specialty Services to see if we can help you make your dream marketplace a reality.

How much does it cost to develop a marketplace?

The cost will depend on a variety of factors such as urgency, complexity, and budget. Typically, we will begin with a 3-month Design contract to flush out the details and create prototypes resulting in a package of assets you'll need to begin development. This Design package starts at $30,000. USD.

A Note From Our Co-Founder

Marketplaces are a very complex business primarily because you need to focus on providing a welcoming experience to two different types of users along with meeting business requirements to be successful. Many people ask us these questions:

  1. How do I create an online marketplace?

  2. How would I develop an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay?

  3. How much does it cost to develop an MVP marketplace and scale from there?

Through our experience, and through the experience of our clients, we find there is not one single answer to these questions. There are many. We will give you the tools and extract that end result you've conceived in your mind and make your marketplace a reality. 

I'm looking forward to discussing these points with you, please contact us by following the button below.