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Bringing your Marketplace idea to life


We partner with non-technical entrepreneurs to guide them through the complex Product Development Process of a marketplace. 

Ownership & IP

To put it simply, everything we do is yours. We design in your Figma account, write User Stories in your Jira account, and manage the code in your GitHub account.

Real-World Expertise

We have real-world experience designing, writing, coding, and running marketplace platforms. We love sharing our knowledge.

Growth Support

After the marketplace is released, we offer maintenance, updates, and support whenever you need it.

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Meet The Core Team

"We created our first marketplace 7 years ago, and now we help fellow founders bring their marketplace idea to life."

What is Marketplace Studio?

We Will Design & Develop Your
Marketplace Idea.

Marketplace Studio is a small dedicated team of experts that will work with you to understand your vision and help to not only take your idea to the next level but fully bring it to life. We will fully customize your design and/or development package based on your needs; from building intractable prototypes and design systems, to leveraging our marketplace technology and expert developers to fully develop and support your product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Key Steps To Create Your Marketplace:

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1. Discovery

We ask "why" and not "what" to get to the root of your idea. Through research, we validate, discover your competitive advantages, and learn about your end-user. These key findings will provide the foundation for the next step. 

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Founder | Steve

"There is no better situation for a PM than essentially a blank canvas for creating..."

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Founder | Vidya

"There is no doubt that what Marketplace Studio provides is a premium service..."

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Founders | Kevin & Chris

"So far the services have been exactly what has been needed and hoped for..."

A Note From Our Co-Founder

Marketplaces are a very complex business primarily because you need to focus on providing a welcoming experience to two different types of users along with meeting business requirements to be successful. Many people ask us these questions:

  1. How do I create an online marketplace?

  2. How would I develop an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay?

  3. How much does it cost to develop an MVP marketplace and scale?

Through our experience, and through the experience of our clients, we find there is not one single answer to these questions. There are many. We will give you the tools and extract that end result you’ve conceived in your mind and make your marketplace a reality. 

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