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platformOS & Marketplace Studio


platformOS is a revolutionary API as a Service built for marketplaces that provides ambitious Founders with everything they need to start a highly complex & technologically competitive marketplace platform. For more than eight years they have been partnering with clients in niche industries that design, prototype, and develop highly complex multi-sided marketplaces and communities. They have a proven track record of delivering outstanding solutions for enterprise clients such as Intel, Hallmark, DB Schenker, UiPath, Spark Communications, Ikea, and startups such as,, and

Make an amazing first impression with your target community by partnering with Marketplace Studio & platformOS.

Values Alignment

platformOS was 5 Core Values that are directly aligned with ours at Marketplace Studio such as;

  1. Performance

  2. Scalability

  3. Reliability

  4. Flexibility

  5. Security

“When providing a government service where reliability, performance, and security

is critical for your reputation, platformOS core values are at the heart of what makes

enterprise-level clients trust our platform above all others.”

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization

Does your current Marketplace Platform get perfect or near-perfect scores on Google’s Lighthouse? Just one of these metrics, page speed load times, is a key factor that impacts your site’s usability and, critically, its organic search engine optimization (SEO). With the PaaS that is platformOS, with quality coding, you’re able to achieve such results for both desktop and mobile. With many traditional development frameworks, no matter how good your code is, there is an underlying tech stack ‘speed tax’ that limits the results you can achieve.

Along with our internal performance testing benchmarks, platformOS also provides simple-to-implement ways for you to measure your site’s performance, facilitating the integration of tools for measuring Adoption Analytics such as Pendo, Google Analytics, and more!

SEO for marketplaces is often an overlooked area of Product Development. Companies are either developing a native app first or not taking enough time to properly build out an SEO-friendly mobile responsive web app (way more affordable and accessible by your target users). Key to this is understanding how performance directly affects your SEO results, from loading large media files on your home page, or having a non-mobile-friendly experience, to general ‘code bloat’. You get docked points by Google for any and all ‘transgressions’ as assessed by Google (where the majority of people these days are searching for products and services).

Marketplaces Are Complicated

Marketplace Platforms are highly complex and it can take a long time to understand what an intuitive and seamless user experience (UX) looks like for your community. To be on top of this requires a robust Product Development Process, similar to the one we’ve created for our Clients, Storytelling Product Development. We take the time required to plan a well-thought-out prototype by User Testing, Validating, and Iterating at a Story & Design level before any code is written. Thankfully, by partnering with platformOS, you won’t fall behind on development because the foundational elements of any multi-sided marketplace are provisioned in their already built out (fully extensible and flexible) portfolio of business logic.

Easily integrate into any third-party API to build a world-class UX for your community and collect & analyze all of the data to make better-informed decisions. You are no longer locked down with what you can and can’t change on your web app. You have full control over all your content so you can customize and make it just right with no compromises.

You need to be forward-thinking when it comes to Product Development. By building and planning for future use cases you avoid creating technical debt (and having to re-platform later at great cost). In support of this, platformOS accommodates flexible data schema to suit your business needs, now and into the future.

Scaling Your Marketplace

DevOps is often an overlooked area of a Startup’s product development by skipping the load balancing act and not building on a secure infrastructure. With platformOS, auto-scaling is provided “out of the box” for production sites. Overages are calculated for those sites which require additional server capacity and processing power; and where usage is consistently increasing, clients are able to upgrade to more cost-effective plans that offer greater inclusions. Larger clients can even opt for dedicated server environments where deemed necessary.

Developers often build on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with lock-in contracts. They then also need to manage their DevOps, Scaling, Server updates, zero-day security patches, performance tuning, penetration testing, denial of service attacks, and the list goes on.

platformOS removes all this ‘heavy lifting’ by providing both the DevOps resources for the hosted server environment, together with their best practice development platform. A portfolio of business logic is also made available to vastly accelerate time to market (and reduce cost) for deploying complex custom SaaS solutions.

Why We Partnered Together

Marketplace Studio & platformOS are closely aligned when it comes to product development principles related to building out marketplace platforms or social marketplace communities. But there are a few easy wins! - there are many who’ve trudged this road who will testify to the fact that there are MANY pitfalls to overcome

Customer-led development, using Agile development methodologies, is considered the best practice for developing digital projects these days. From day 0 of starting your Marketplace Development journey, you need to be open and flexible; open in the sense that, as your ideas & concepts evolve based on user feedback, you're able to pivot in any direction. You can’t just brain dump your idea to your Full Stack Developer’s head and expect them to build something ‘perfect’ that will scale. It takes prototyping, validation, iterating, and a lot of writing before you can start coding.

While Marketplace Studio focuses on what we are experts at, the pre-development phase of your marketplace, we know that platformOS, the tech stack on which we execute, has your back. Together Marketplace Studio and platformOS will optimize your chance of succeeding with your multi-sided marketplace initiative.


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