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Put Your Mind at Ease by Leveraging our Managed Marketplace

The benefits of hiring freelancers are endless but if you’re leveraging online resources to bring together multiple freelancers to contribute to the same project it can start to get complicated. One of the major benefits of a managed marketplace is having complete control. Instead of piecing together a project, you’re able to leverage a cohesive team that produces quality work.

Marketplace Studio is a solution that puts an end to hiring multiple individual contributors to work on one project. Instead, we bring together a team of specialists that collaborate to create a stellar final product. Marketplace Studio is a managed marketplace that offers an end-to-end ecosystem that connects people like you with a collaborative team of experienced professionals that can help bring your idea to life. When you bring your idea or project to Marketplace Studio, you will be assigned a project manager that will be dedicated to your project from start to finish. Your project manager will handle all of the logistics and will make sure to bring together the best people for the job.

We Curate the Best People for the Job

More often than not an entrepreneur is hiring a freelancer for speed and they tend to forgo important steps like conducting a thorough interview. If you aren’t creating an in-depth job description or hiring for a full-time position you may not spend as much time vetting the potential candidate which can result in major disappointment down the road. Leveraging a managed marketplace like Marketplace Studio means all of the research is done for you. We take pride in partnering with quality freelance specialists and make sure to always assign the best person for the job. We’re not only looking for experienced professionals that take pride in their work but were also partnering with individuals that are passionate and eager to work on your project.

We Make Sure Your Team has What they Need to Succeed

There are pros and cons to hiring a freelancer with one of the major cons being the investment that a freelancer has in the company. Unlike a full-time employee, a freelancer will have multiple other commitments, and your project will be one of many on their plate meaning they may not always be invested in your company’s success. One of the major benefits of Marketplace Studio is working with a dedicated project manager. One of our project managers will handle all contact with your freelance team to ensure they’re on track and moving towards success. Not only will your project manager make sure that your team of freelancers are zeroed in on your project, but they will also handpick the people that will be working on it.

We Keep Your Team on Track with Extensive, Scalable Systems

Another major downfall when hiring a freelancer is your inability to gauge their level of expertise. As a business owner, you know better than anybody that there are nuances to your company that can only be figured out by being a core member of the team. Not having the ability to properly train or onboard a freelancer may mean that they will be missing out on crucial details that they need to produce quality work. Our team at Marketplace Studio has spent years creating extensive, scalable systems that leave little to no room for error.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

Managed marketplaces go beyond customer-service provider relationships by actively moderating the quality of the services that are being provided. Managing and monitoring the services that are being provided allows us to provide exceptional customer service so we can gain your trust while accelerating your business. Partnering with quality talent that believes in your success is important to us. If you’re interested in learning more about our process, you can click here to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation.


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