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QA Specialists: An Integral Part of Every Team

QA specialists are inquisitive and curious by nature. These professionals aren’t afraid to critique others' work and they’re able to zero in on minute details that the average person may not even notice. QA specialists live to solve problems. Their passion for technology and exceptional communication skills make them the perfect person to uphold the quality of your product. Before we dive into the specifics of what a QA specialist does, we will first explain what quality assurance is and why it matters.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a process that refers to testing software to ensure the customer receives high quality software that is free of bugs and critical errors. The end goal of a quality assurance specialist is to release a high-quality product that is bug free. Every major and minor software company uses QA. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to release quality products that provide quality user experiences.

What does a QA Analyst do?

QA analysts play an instrumental role in any tech company. Their purpose is to ensure that the final product is error free while simultaneously making sure the product fits the clients brief. Quality assurance testing is a methodical process that requires planning, careful execution, and documentation. Oftentimes a quality assurance analyst will set out to break the product so they can ensure the intended customer won’t be able to break anything when the product is released.

After testing your software, the QA analyst or team will document any problems they encountered and send their findings to the development team. The development team will then make improvements so you can produce a stellar final product. The cycle of testing and development will continue until the QA analyst or team of analysts are content with your product. When your product receives the stamp of approval from the QA team it is then ready to be released.

What is QA Testing?

Quality assurance testing is the process of locating and improving upon critical errors that are found within your product. Quality assurance analysts will find errors in your products code and document the process and cause of the error to ensure that they won’t be repeated by the end user. The process intends to analyze the entire development process to deliver efficiently working software and prevent future mistakes.

Why do I need a QA Analyst?

Your quality assurance analyst or team will work hand in hand with your development team to ensure success. Whether they work on editing your code or testing your applications usability, it is their sole responsibility to make sure the final product works exceptionally well.

How do I Hire a Quality Assurance Analyst?

When hiring a QA, it’s extremely important to look for trustworthy, and experienced workers. It’s not only important to find someone with the necessary experience but it’s also crucial to hire a candidate that is dedicated to the success of your business. These individuals must be detail oriented, self-motivated, flexible, and persistent. They must also have exceptional communication skills and be willing to absorb new technology.

Marketplace Studio, A Seamless Solution

QA specialists or analysts are just one example of the specialists that you will need to successfully bring your development project to fruition. Marketplace Studio is your one stop shop to seamlessly hiring an experienced team of trustworthy specialists to work on your project. We curate the best team for every job and ensure you receive a stellar final product.

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